This is how you install our equipotential bonding kit

Many machine systems entail a hidden risk potential in that the guard fencing around the system is not included in the machine's protective bonding system. If a defective cable touches a guard fence, protective bonding can suddenly become a matter of life or death because metal guard fences are electrically conductive parts. How can we solve this problem?

What are the benefits of protective (equipotential) bonding of guard fencing? 

Read our article on how and what you can do to solve the problem. The decision should be made by an electrician or electrical engineer based on the situation on site. 

Whatever you decide in the individual case, Axelent has the suitable solution for the task. Our new potential equalization kit includes connecting elements that can be installed to the posts and fence panels. No time-consuming drilling of the metal components is needed.

The potential equalization kit also includes a connector allowing to fasten the earth wires supplied to a dedicated protective equipotential bonding conductor (the latter is not part of the kit because its design depends on the local installation conditions, e. g. the machinery system's size). It is best to install the protective equipotential bonding conductor along the fence in an X-Tray conduit. This is a simple and smart solution reducing the expense and effort when comparted to conventional installation methods. 

Watch our installation movie here and get to know the product here.

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