About Axelent

Your safety - our mission since 1990


Axelent is a Swedish company with extensive experience within the manufacture of mesh wall systems in the form of protection and partitioning systems for industry, warehouses and construction. 

Speed, safety, service and smart solutions are watchwords that characterise our entire organisation and business. We are a partner with extensive knowledge in safety and our products are sold world-wide. Always according to legal requirements. 

Our Code of Conduct

Axelent Group consists of the five companies Axelent, Axelent Engineering, Axelent Solutions, Axelent Safe-X and Axelent Wire Tray. The five companies share the vision of making Swedish industry competitive through automation, safety, efficient procedures, function and competence. The parent company Axelent is headquartered in Hillerstorp and has its roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry.

Common to all companies in the Axelent Group is our internal strategy for a common value base that creates a culture where we all want to live and work. We call it One Axelent. One Axelent includes inclusion & teamwork, between employees but also between our companies, both nationally and globally. As an employee, you are part of the family within the Axelent Group, regardless of which company you work in.

We have a unique model for our customers

What is security? We at Axelent are much more interested in your experience of us than in what we write about our company and the products and services we provide. We have, however, listened carefully to what you the customer really want and are very pleased  that your overall impression of Axelent is that we are a quality supplier. Our speed, company culture and knowledge should allow us to serve you quickly with the very best possible safety solutions. This is the foundation of our ‘simple’ but unique business model, a model which has made Axelent one of the leading brands in the industry.

Axelent Xperience

Visit our virtual showroom and experience our products in their right environment.

In our virtual showroom, you get to experience Axelent's range in its right environment, no matter where in the world you are. Explore our products by navigating between production, storage, warehousing, automated warehouse and dispatch. If something special catches your interest, just click on the product to find out more. Watch a movie, read an article and learn more! We think you will like it as much as we do!