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Machine Guarding

The machine guard system X-Guard is flexible, quick to assemble, and complies with all current machinery standards and directives..


Axelent offers smart mesh panel systems, fall protection and mesh shelving for warehouse and distrubution.

Impact protection

Our X-Protect impact protection products allows customized solutions for your unique safety needs.

Pedestrian barrier
Impact barrier
Machine guard

Successful projects

Customer case

Since 1990 we have collaborated with several companies in different businesses who have chosen our products to make their work environment safer and more efficient.


Are you interested in using our products? Take a look at some of our previous projects and be inspired by their stories on how they ensure a safer work environment


The world of Axelent
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What is an Impact Barrier? Enhancing Warehouse Safety and Protection

This guide will help you determine what is an impact barrier, it's importance in your workplace,...

Axelent Ambassador Academy Days

Each individual contributes to the bigger puzzle of Axelent’s success.

Axelent is your complete safety supplier

We provide complete safety solutions, with customizable products to suit your specific needs.

Education & FAQ

Safety hub

Here, we have collected all our knowledge about keeping employees, warehouse, manufacturing and production lines safe. You can find the latest news about machine standards and tips one achieving machinery safety. 

Axelent Academy

Assembly videos to guide you through installation

Tp provide the best support when it comes to installation, we have collected all our assembly videos for Axelent's products in one place.

We are Axelent

Welcome to Axelent

All product development and production take place at our headquarters in Hillerstorp, Sweden. 

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Welcome to Axelent

All product development and production take place at our headquarters in Hillerstorp, Sweden. 

Axelent spirit

The Axelent Spirit

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Our culture

This is us

Axelent's culture, or the "Axelent spirit" as we call it, is one of our most important competitive advantages. It defines who we are as a company and how we manage our business relationships.


Our culture is the basis for all our actions, how we take care of each other as a team and how we give back to the society.

We are global!

Axelent is available worldwide with sales offices in 60 countries.

Experience Axelent Safety Design logo

Take a look at our new drawing application Axelent Safety Design - the simple way of designing safety

Discover simplicity with our intuitive drawing application, perfect for effortlessly crafting safety layouts. Safety Design offers a comprehensive range of products, from machine guards to pedestrian barriers, covering all aspects of safety in machinery and warehouse environments. Embrace a safer workspace with Safety Design, where safety meets simplicity.