Our storage system X-Store 2.0 is designed to give you easy and secure access to your warehouse. The second generation has a number of benefits and improvements. These include a specially designed roof solution, dismantling a panel without affecting the adjacent panels and a single post that can be used to build in three different directions including corners!


Our storagesystem

Needs differ from one industry or warehouse to another. Just like our other products, we have developed X-Store based on the criteria that the system should be easy to install and supplement and work in most types of environments. You can feel safe in choosing Axelent's X-Store storage walls because the system has many combinations and different applications. 

You get a flexible, safe and economical network wall system for your industrial and warehouse applications!

Why you should choose our storagesystem:

Our storage system is developed to give you an easy and secure access to your warehouse, now we have further developed and created a second generation storage system, X-Store 2.0. With the new system, we can offer a number of new benefits and innovations! Among other things, we have developed the ability to add a roof, dismantle a panel without affecting the adjacent panels or to build in three different directions including corners through a single post!

To simplify and reduce assembly time, we have developed an innovative method to quickly join panels and posts together. Each panel can be easily adjusted in height, and a new jointing system offers a smoother and stronger assembly in height. As well as being incredibly adaptable, we also have a wide range of locks and doors based on the same system used for X-Guard.

  • Wide range of locks and doors - compatible with X-Guard
  • Modular concept - easy to customize
  • Newly designed floor base - increased adaptability
  • Available in SnapperWorks
  • Available in different colors - clearer passages
  • Flexible posts - build in 3 different directions
  • Possibility to add a roof

Our X-Store 2.0 products

Read our X-Store 2.0 brochure here!

Our X-Guard products


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