Advantages of Axelent's X-protect impact protection system

X-Protect is our range of modular impact protection products and is the latest addition to workplace protection products. Most products on the market work well as protection but are difficult to install. X-protect is unique on the market in that it can change with your needs thanks to its unique modular design. With X-Protect you can add protection wherever and whenever you want, and even integrate it with our machine guarding.


Axelent's wide range of impact protection includes impact barriers, pedestrian barriers, bollards and column guards. 

The advantages of Axelent's impact protection:

  • Wide range of products: X-Protect offers various impact protection products, from bollards to pedestrian safety rails.
  • Easy installation and flexibility: It is designed for easy installation, overcoming common complexity issues in many market products. Its unique modular design allows adaptations to changing needs, making it a very flexible solution.
  • Integration with existing systems: X-Protect can be integrated with Axelent's machine guards, adding versatility.
  • Focus on sustainability: Sustainability is a priority in X-Protect's design. Each part uses only one type of plastic, which simplifies recycling. Damaged or worn components are easily replaceable at the component level, improving product longevity and environmental friendliness.
  • Efficient packaging: Components are packed efficiently to save space, in line with Axelent's X-Pack packaging philosophy. This approach not only benefits the environment but also facilitates immediate assembly upon delivery.
  • Modular system: The modular nature of the system is similar to building blocks, allowing for different combinations to meet specific requirements. This modularity also facilitates the process of modifying or replacing worn components.
  • Extensive testing: X-Protect has undergone extensive testing to ensure reliability and safety. These tests, including complex computer modeling and simulations, have been externally reviewed for compliance with standards.

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