Axelent X-Protect - A sustainable impact protection

Axelent is constantly and actively working to contribute to the global sustainability goals. Our focus on environmentally friendly solutions and responsible resource management is in line with sustainable development goals, such as reducing carbon emissions and promoting responsible consumption and production. 


X-Protect one is proof that industrial products can be designed and produced with the environment in mind. Through its thoughtful design and approach, X-Protect contributes not only to company safety but also to a more sustainable future. 

Circular economy and recycling

Axelent's X-Protect is not just an impact protection; it is part of a larger vision of the circular economy. By using a single type of plastic in each part, X-Protect facilitates recycling and contributes to a more sustainable industry. This approach reduces waste and ensures that materials can be effectively reused, contributing to a reduced environmental impact. 

Innovation and environmental awareness

X-Protect's design philosophy includes a long-term approach. By allowing the replacement of individual components, rather than replacing the entire system, the life of the product is extended. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and thus reduces manufacturing and resource consumption. Such an approach is crucial to achieving sustainability in industrial processes and products. 

Eco-friendly packaging and distribution

The efficiency of X-Protect's packaging and distribution is another example of Axelent's commitment to sustainability. By minimizing packaging size and weight, the environmental impact of transport is reduced, which is an important step towards a more sustainable logistics chain. 

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