Focusing on people




Since our inception in 1990, our mission has been to protect people. Our products help ensure that employees in production and warehousing can enjoy a safe working environment. We also want to live what we learn, and we work hard to make our own facility a safe workplace.

We are inclusive


All Axelent employees should feel safe at work. Our occupational health and safety team works actively to create a safe workplace for everyone.


A safe working environment should be considered a human right. Whereas poor occupational health and safety cost money, a working environment that is well managed can become an opportunity for growth. Studies indicate that every krona invested in health and safety in the workplace generates a return of SEK 2.20. This means that companies with higher standards of health and safety are both more competitive and sustainable.


For us, it is important to share our knowledge and expertise, and we want to focus on transforming complexity into simplicity. On our website, we have assembled all our knowledge about how customers can protect their staff, as well as information in our Safety portal on machine safety standards and how to achieve the highest levels of machine safety. We also offer an opportunity to ask questions of our safety experts.


Axelent guarantees equal employment conditions and opportunities for all qualified persons without distinction or discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other personal attribute protected by law. Axelent’s Board of Directors is composed of four men and two women. Axelent AB’s management team consists of three women and five men. Our goal is to increase diversity within Axelent in what is, historically, a very male-dominated industry.


All employees should treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect. Axelent managers and supervisors at all levels must be alert to any form of harassment in the workplace and take whatever measures are necessary to prevent such behavior.


Axelent has a duty to pay wages that are at least equivalent to the levels required by law or collective agreements and that cover employees’ basic needs. Temping agencies and apprenticeship schemes must not be used to circumvent the Group’s obligations to its staff under applicable laws, regulations and statutes regarding social security.


Axelent cares about the health of its staff and is constantly working to reduce short-term absences. We work constantly on ensuring our employees can enjoy a good and safe working environment. Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in absenteeism in 2020 and 2021 as a result of the pandemic. We use preventive measures to reduce sick leave. All staff are offered an annual wellness allowance and access to our own sports hall, Axelent Arena, and our own Padel court, which Axelent has built adjacent to the company’s premises in Hillerstorp. 


At Axelent, our employees get opportunities to develop in their professional role – we call this “Grow with us”. We are true entrepreneurs with a focus on stable growth – not just growing as a company but also helping our customers, suppliers and, above all, our employees, to grow and become successful. Everyone should feel that there are opportunities to grow within Axelent.


Here at Axelent, we care about our customers and our employees, which means that we always make sure we take a responsible approach to personal privacy when we collect personal information and do so in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Axelent will neither tolerate child labour in its operations nor accept products from suppliers who use child labour directly or indirectly through partnerships with subcontractors or other business associates in connection with the manufacture of their products.

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