Axelent Shelfstore mesh shelf panels is a safe and stable product for warehouses of all sizes

Do you need a smart shelf system that optimizes your warehouse and facilitates your business? Axelent Shelfstore mesh shelf panels is a safe and stable product for warehouses of all sizes. 


All our products and systems ensure flexible, fast and customized solutions all the way from the preparation of the drawing to the assembly of the final product. It is of course just as quick and easy to supplement the product. To ensure the most complete solution possible, we cooperate with several leading suppliers of machines, robots, automated systems and warehouse equipment. 


The advantages of mesh shelving 

Axelent SafeStore is the ultimate solution for a safe, tidy and easy-to-use warehouse. By attaching SafeStore to the back of the pallet shelf, it forms a collapse protection that prevents goods from falling down and causing personal and material damage. Today, SafeStore is used in all types of warehouses from the small manually operated warehouse to the large fully automated crane warehouse.  

The mesh shelves are practical, stable and are just as suitable for small goods without pallets as for warehousing and storage on pallets. The mesh shelves do not collect dust and let light and water through, which is often a requirement when a sprinkler system is installed. 

Every detail of our mesh shelving is designed to make handling as safe and smooth as possible. As an example, the mesh shelves have deep overhead wires, making goods easy to insert and remove. In addition, the L-shaped front profile means that the shelves are firmly attached to the shelf without the need for screws, making it easier to change or rebuild your warehouse or storage. The mesh shelves are available in several size options and are delivered wrapped on a pallet. 


Complete with accessories 

Axelent's ShelfStore is created to secure warehouse environments. A product that facilitates operation, optimizes storage and creates safer workplaces. In our product range for warehouses, you will find everything from different forms of dividers and collision protection to mesh shelves and LED lighting. 


6 simple steps to consider when ordering Shelfstore? 

  • What is the width and depth of your pallet racking? 
  • What is the number of levels/locations? 
  • What is the weight, type and dimensions (e.g. boxes, pallets or stillage) of the load? 
  • Which are the dimensions of the beam? 
  • Do you have any special requirements regarding finish or mesh aperture? 
  • What is your delivery location?


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