Our history

Over three decades, Axelent has grown to become one of the world’s leading companies in safety solutions for people in manufacturing and warehousing environments. A six person team in the small town of Hillerstorp in Sweden, has now grown to about 350 strong people in 50 countries spread across the globe. The Axelent spirit, with its focus on dedication, business sense, high ethical standards and empathy, is a common thread that permeates all of our local offices.


AXELENT IS FOUNDED. The company has six employees in the first year and sales of 400 000 Euro.

THE FIRST FOERIGN ESTABLISHMENT IS UNDERTAKEN IN GERMANY. About ten years later, Axelent formed its own company there, Axelent GmbH.

A NEW EU STANDARD for standardising machine safety is pushed through, which is a benefit to the company’s expansion in Europe.

THE FIRST VERSION of the drawing application SnapperWorks is launched. The application enables customers to build their own solutions digitally.

A NEW LOGO and a new brand promise are developed.

THE PRODUCTS FlexiGuard, FlexiStore, EasyGuard, SafeStore and MasterGuard are launched.

AXELENT ENGLAND AND AXELENT USA are welcomed into the family.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, sales push the 10 million Euro mark. Axelent’s first establishment in Belgium.

AXELENT ENGINEERING becomes part of the Axelent Group.

THE X-GUARD MACHINE GUARD sees the light of day and Axelent Spain swings open its doors. The Speedway team Lejonen wins the Swedish Championship at Axelent Arena in Gislaved. Nicki Pedersen, who is a member of Lejonen, closes a three-year sponsorship agreement with Axelent. Pedersen becomes the Speedway World Champion and is named person of the year in Småland.

AXELENT OPENS THE doors to Europe’s most modern production facility for cable trays and expands its product range with X-Tray.

MATS HILDING, JOHAN AXELSSON AND STEFAN AXELSSON receive the Nothin Plaque, the most prestigious award among entrepreneurs in the Finnveden region.

THE JAPAN OFFICE opens and sales reach over 50 million Euro. Axelent Tecnel, which is now called Axelent Italy, is now wholly owned by Axelent.

AXELENT IS NAMED one of the country’s Super Companies by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer and is also honoured as one of the highest performing private companies in the Swedish business sector by the Bisnode network. Axelent Safe-X becomes a part of the Axelent Group and the shaggy security agent/mascot Axel arrives on the scene.

AXELENT TAKES HOME gold and silver for its global marketing campaign at the Swedish Content Awards. The same year, Axelent’s sports hall opens for its employees in Hillerstorp.

X-STORE 2.0 IS LAUNCHED. Axelent opens its own logistics centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The Axelent Group has over 300 employees and carries out operations in almost 60 countries. Amanda Hilding becomes the new MD for Axelent AB.

Axelent Xperience

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In our virtual showroom, you get to experience Axelent's range in its right environment, no matter where in the world you are. Explore our products by navigating between production, storage, warehousing, automated warehouse and dispatch. If something special catches your interest, just click on the product to find out more. Watch a movie, read an article and learn more! We think you will like it as much as we do!