Designed to be your digital assistant

Navigating the complexities of safety solutions is made effortless with Axelent's Safety Design tool. Designed to be your digital assistant we help you to streamline the selection process, ensuring that you choose the right products and accessories for your project. With intuitive guidance and real-time alerts, this tool simplifies your workflow and enhances decision-making, making it an essential asset for any safety solution development.

Intuitive assistance every step of the way
Axelent Safety Design is not just a tool; it's your personal guide through the complicated process of selecting safety products and their corresponding accessories. Whether you're new to safety solutions or a seasoned professional, our program ensures that nothing is overlooked:

  • Missed Selections and Missing Items: The tool monitors your selections. If a product or an item is missing, the program promptly notifies you, detailing what's lacking and in what quantity.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Stay informed with warning icons that appear next to the products requiring your attention. The program clearly lists the actions needed to rectify any issues, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly without any hitches.
  • Solutions at Your Fingertips: Encountering a problem? Simply click on the product in question. Axelent Safety Design guides you through the necessary steps to solve the issue, whether it's adding a lock to a door or attaching a post to a sliding door. This feature ensures that every component of your safety solution is complete and functional.

Customize with confidence using the right menu

The right menu in the program is your gateway to a vast selection of accessories that complement your safety products. From locks, switches, kickplates, and cutting kits, this tool offers an organized and accessible way to browse and select the accessories that best match your project needs. This tailored approach not only enhances your product selection process but also ensures that each component of your safety solutions is perfectly equipped to meet your requirements.

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