The sound of safety

Everyone has probably heard it at some point, the sound of safety. A sound that creates a sense of safety and security for us and the people around us that we want to protect from something.

Every day we protect ourselves from potential hazards that may arise in everyday life or in the workplace. Through unique and innovative ideas, safety products have been created to protect us and allow us to live our lives to the fullest. Whether it's a fire alarm, a life jacket, a bicycle helmet, a safety shoe or a quick fitting system, we can feel safe and secure.

With its products, Axelent wants to be part of the innovative journey that focuses on protecting people from hazards and risks. People who work in warehouse and production environments on a daily basis are exposed to major risks associated with the machines and vehicles that exist and move there.

With a smart click fitting we offer a unique product that contributes to easy and smooth installation, removal, relocation and extension of machine guards. The unique click function enables a hassle-free installation where no other tools are needed. The panel is easily secured to the post by clicking into place and works just as smoothly whether the panel is made of mesh, sheet metal, plastic or has rounded corners. The result is an adaptable and versatile machine protection solution that can be easily configured to suit different businesses and needs.

Discover our unique click fitting system for machine guarding.

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