A flexible and modular sliding door that provides security


The Axelent double sliding door is designed to be used together with our machine guards as an entrance or exit to a machine or machine area, thus meeting safety standards and protecting people from work-related accidents. 

Flexible and modular
The door is made of high quality steel and is designed to withstand heavy and continuous use requirements. The sliding door is practical as there are two output positions from one machine. It is designed to be flexible and modular to different environments and constructions giving the customer a more customized and optimal solution. There are several ways the door can be customized to meet specific requirements and needs in the workplace: 

  • Size: The door can be customized to different sizes to fit different machines or machine areas. 
  • Flexibility: The door can be adapted to different designs by choosing the size and number of posts, panels and locks. 
  • Accessories: Axelent offers a wide range of accessories that can be adapted to the customer's needs, such as locks and sensors. 
  • Automation: The door can be customized with automatic opening and closing. 


Advantages of the double sliding door 
One of the main advantages of this double sliding door is that it is very easy to use. The door can be opened and closed with ease, which reduces the risk of accidents at work. In addition, the door has a low profile and takes up minimal space, making it possible to use even in confined spaces. The door is CE marked and thus meets the latest safety standards. It requires minimal maintenance and therefore reduces workplace costs. Thanks to its robust and high-quality construction, this double sliding door is a reliable solution for protecting people from machines and improving safety on the worksite.  

If you want to learn more about the sliding door, you can read more in this WP or watch our installation video.

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