Create a safe working environment with Axelent Euchner MGB


Axelent Euchner MGB is a safety system used to protect operators from dangerous machines and processes in industrial environments. It is a unique interlocking and locking system of doors for the protection of people from machines.  

The system is designed with a unique mechanical key lock which ensures that the lock can only be opened when the machine is in a safe position. This reduces the risk of workplace accidents and increases the safety of operators and other personnel working in the vicinity of the machine. The locking system is adaptable and can be used with different machines and safety levels.  


Advantages of the locking system: 

  • The lock can be opened in case of power failure.  
  • The lock has a mechanical metal door stop, in addition there are markings for easy adjustment of the handle module.  
  • The handle is strong and easy-to-grip metal, and can be rotated in 90 degree increments to suit the installation.  
  • The emergency handle on the inside assists personnel who are accidentally left in the hazardous area. When activated, the door immediately opens and the machine shuts down. 
  • When servicing inside the hazardous area, a jumper can be folded out, making it impossible for the door to be locked. There is also space for three padlocks. 

By using Axelent Euchner MGB, you can create a safe working environment for people and reduce the risk of accidents in connection with machine use. 

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