Advantages of the X-Guard tool panel

The X-Guard tool panel ensures that your essential tools and accessories are always at hand. This specially designed panel is an ideal addition to your machine guard. The tool panel can easily be fitted with different hooks and holders to suit your business and needs. The panel comes in black as standard and installation is as easy as with any other product in the X-Guard range. 


Benefits of the tools panel:  

Order & tidiness 
Organizing around robotic cells and other automation equipment that is enclosed with security systems creates order. Having everything in the right place at the right time means that you do not have to look for the things you need when doing everything from cleaning, informing, documenting or setting up your automation equipment. This often causes unnecessary delays and downtime in production cells. 


Inform and document 
För att enkelt överföra viktig information som exempelvis instruktioner, dokumentering samt övervakning får man effektivare produktion och säkerställer processerna.


Organize tools 

With a tool board and suspension of sweeping brushes, shovels, etc. everything is in place to manage and keep the production cells clean. The components included in the system can easily be mounted on safety walls with wire mesh wall modules. 

  • Simple - with ready-made solutions that can be installed without special tools
  • Flexible - can be easily adapted and supplemented as needed
  • Cost-effective - low investment cost for more efficient production 


Axelent is a complete supplier of security for production, warehouses and properties. Our mission is for all employees to have a safe working environment and we are constantly working to develop and produce products that will contribute to safety. The tool panel is not only a smart complement to our other products but also helps to ensure that the right things and routines are in place. 

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