We are Axelent - Our focus areas towards a safer and sustainable world

Sustainability is a central part of Axelent and the value we create for our stakeholders. For us, sustainable development means taking steps towards a healthier and more prosperous world - for both current and future generations. 

A sustainable society balances the needs of society, the environment, and the economy. At Axelent, we achieve this by incorporating sustainability throughout our value chain and by offering our customers solutions that preserve the Earth’s natural resources, keep people safe, and promote a vibrant, low-carbon society. Our focus on sustainability also includes a commitment to responsible business practices. At Axelent, we build our corporate governance and business model on integrity and transparency. Promoting social development for our employees and in the communities where we operate is central to our purpose and our identity as a company. Axelent has identified three focus areas for our sustainability efforts. These focus areas provide us with different perspectives on how we contribute to a safer and sustainable world. 


Reduced Climate and Environmental Impact 

Our goal is to limit our negative environmental footprint while our business continues to grow. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions throughout the company’s value chain, from our procurement processes, through our own operations, and ultimately post-use. 


People at the Center 

With clear values and a strong culture, we aim to become the most attractive employer in our industry, providing the best and safest possible work environment. Our approximately 300 employees are driven to grow and make a difference, seeking innovative solutions, always with the best interest of our customers in mind. 


Community Engagement 

Axelent has never been a company whose sole purpose is to sell as many products as possible. We value our roots and social responsibility, and see ourselves as part of a larger context. 


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