When should you use the Pedestrian Barrier?


X-Protect is a unique approach to safety barriers. Unrivalled modularity, few system compents and damping that is built in create a barrier system that changes with your work place. X-Protect allows rapid transformation, repair or replacement of existing barriers and bespoke configurations are limitless.


"The rail themselves are incredibly strong, leading to longer centres between posts which is cost effective for both the purchase and ofcourse get you a lower installation cost."


The advantages of the Pedestrian Barrier

One of our most important protections is the pedestrians safety barrier which helps to separate forklifts and potential workplace hazards from people. Our Pedestrian protection barrier has built in damping in both the rails and the core which makes it really energy dissipating and gives high-strength. Along this, with our unique construction design we can promise you no more wrecked floors.

So now you know how the core works, you would think thats it. No, not for us. We did not stop there. The innovation behind the modular design is what wraps it all up. With X-Protect you can add protection where you need it. Before or after – when ever you have the need for it!

Take the pedestrian barrier. If you first choose to only go for two rails. You can easily add on one more later on. You use the same bollard and just slide on the third rail. You can also add fork lift truck protection in exposed areas. Just slide the pedestrian guard rails out, add the impact protection rail and it’s done. How brilliant and flexible?

The rail themselves are incredibly strong, leading to longer centres between posts which is cost effective for both the purchase and ofcourse get you a lower installation cost.

All our parts are made out of recyclable materials and sustainability is something that is top on our minds when we’re developing our products.

USP (unique selling proposition)

  • Built in damping in the rails
  • The bollard has an energy dissipating core
  • Kind to the floor
  • Easy slide-in installation
  • CC up to 2500mm
  • Several interchangeable configurations available
  • Recyclable materials

Showcasing Axelents Pedestrian Barrier together with Impact Barrier

In this movie you get the glimpse of our Pedestrian + Impact. Use this configuration to protect walkways from medium duty vehicles where there is an increased risk of low level impacts.

Click here to get more technical information on this product or learn more about X-Protect system here.


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