Alstom invests in smart Swedish safety

How does one of the world's largest Groups within the infrastructure sector work to improve workplace safety? Alstrom engineer, Thierry Gueant, talks about the partnership with Axelent Benelux at their testing plant in Belgium.



Alstom is a French multinational company operating worldwide in rail transport markets, active in the fields of passenger transportation, signalling and locomotives. The company was founded in France in 1928 and has since expanded far and wide. The head office is in Paris and the company has a global workforce of 34,000 in over 60 countries.

Quality, sustainability and environmental consideration run like a golden thread throughout the company operations. Alstom delivers sustainable mobility solutions and develops and markets systems, equipment and maintenance services to the transport sector. The company offers a range of solutions, from high-speed trains and tube trains to trams and electric buses. They also offer travel solutions, custom services in the form of maintenance and modernisation, as well as infrastructure, signal systems and digital mobility solutions.



The partnership with Axelent Benelux began in 2018. Alstom needed to partition off areas where electronic testing was being carried out. Because the company manufactures towing equipment with high operating voltages at this facility, good safety is crucial. The parts were to be partitioned using transparent partition walls equipped with sliding doors. Axelent visited the facility in September to take measurements and make an estimate of the project.

“We’re delighted with the result. Axelent’s representatives did exactly what we had agreed upon. The partitions lived up to our safety needs and are also aesthetically pleasing on the eye,” said Thierry Gueant, engineer at Alstom's Test Methods & Tools Department.

Thierry Gueant tells us that in addition to improving the safety of electronic tests, the partitions also give the plant a more modern appearance.

“I think our customers will appreciate it when they visit our facility.

According to Thierry, another crucial factor in choosing Axelent was the adaptability of Axelent’s safety systems.

“We’ve not needed to make any modifications to our environment and our daily routines because Axelent tailored everything to our needs. The only difference is, we now have a much safer workplace.”  

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