Axelent in the world

Globalisation and more international operations is the order of the day. Swedish-owned Axelent will soon be represented everywhere, from its base in the deep forests of Hillerstorp in Sweden the company has expanded all the way to Australia, almost as far away from Sweden as you can get, Axelent has become a given player in industrial safety.



Globalisation means that the company spans across cultures and national borders. These borders become less important the further the company’s values travel. In Axelent’s subsidiary in Adelaide Australia, the Swedish influence is clear to see.

“Despite the distance and time difference between us and Hillerstorp, the support we get from head office and Team Black (customer service) is excellent,” says Drew Hoxey, National Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand.

Drew and some of his colleagues have visited Axelent in Småland and one of their employees, Simon Dean, will be joining the Axelent Academy in a few weeks. 

“These visits are important for our key team members because it enables them to see operations at a global level and to bring back new knowledge and ideas to make our business stronger. Everybody here in Australia is proud of Axelent’s birthplace and we use it as a sales pitch. Made in Sweden is highly respected here.”



Global family

The Axelent global network has become vitally important for the subsidiaries dotted around the world. Despite the size of the operations and the number of countries, they have managed to retain the feeling of being one big family, and the core values run through the company like a golden thread.

“We run our business as though it were our own and we’ve developed a culture in which everybody constantly strives to do better. The Axelent global network, together with our established profile on the Australian market, gives us the strength to expand our operation and sell to new customers. We no longer need to explain to new customers who we are and what have to offer because they’re aware of our brand and associate it with top line products.”

The Adelaide office covers an area larger than Europe. They distribute to the whole of Australia and also New Zealand. This has meant finding a distributor in each state and Drew says they recently took on NHP as a national distributor, quadrupling the number of sellers in the process.



“We’re very strong in automated storage, packaging solutions, airports and robotics. We also prioritise good relationships with our customers and branch organisations, which boosts our sales even further.” 

The biggest challenge for Axelent Australia is distance and the high freight cost from Hillerstorp. The latter will be made easier at the end of the year when a new office and storage facility opens offering larger possibilities of storing products on site.

“Having a larger storage facility that meets our present and future needs will increase productivity and efficiency,” concludes Drew Hoxey.

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