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For me, Axelent is a global company with strong roots in its home soil in Hillerstorp in Småland. The company cares about the region and understands the tremendous benefit of the Spirit of Gnosjö.
Building relationships and partnerships with local suppliers and then offering customers around the world only the highest quality products is something unique. Having a strong relationship and good cooperation with our suppliers is outwardly reflected in our customers’ experience. For me, entrepreneurship is about keeping your employees, suppliers and customers close. Together, we create the kind of value that makes a difference to those around us.

For my part, I have three commitments that guide my leadership style and my approach to my job: communication, innovation and collaboration. Communication is a crucial part of business. In order to achieve growth, you need a vision and clear goals as well as follow-up. If communication is lacking, these goals will never be achieved. Communication is also about creating understanding within the organisation. Answering the question “Why are we doing this?” creates insight into the decision.

Having an eye for innovation, exploring new ways of thinking and finding solutions to new challenges is to be one step ahead. A company can be innovative in many different ways. In order for innovation to occur, I think you need a certain level of transparency so that ideas are brought forward. In tough times, this is when the company needs them most. It is when you unleash these ideas that you find the most success. 

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Amanda Hilding incoming CEO - Looking forward

With excitement and anticipation, I step in as the new CEO of Axelent AB. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of Axelent and to step into the CEO post after my father. I look forward to being part of the business and taking the company towards new goals.

I started to build my own relationship with Axelent in my teens when I had the opportunity to work at the company during the summers. My job duties were varied, from archiving paper and packing screws to filling in for customer service. Being able to gain that experience when I was young has made an impression on me over the years. I learned what it’s like to work in a company and gained insight into how a manufacturing industry company functions. This made a lasting impression on me and increased my interest in entrepreneurship.

After secondary school, I moved to Karlskrona to further my studies. I got my Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, and after working for a few years, I was asked by one of the owners of Edströms Verktyg if I wanted to take over the CEO post. I accepted the position and worked there for three years, up to my recently completed maternity leave. I have also been part of Axelent’s Board of Directors over the last three years, so I have been able to follow the company’s journey and development closely. It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience to be part of Axelent’s work all over the world. 

"I have faith in the future – it is important to take a look ahead. Axelent is a strong and stable company with a wide range of operations and many ongoing projects. Every department is part of this work. The market is always changing, it is therefore important to be prepared for the changes and to be the decisive player that leads the market forward. Axelent’s investments increase the company’s competitiveness."


Profitability is a central and important part of any business. Without profitability, there is no growth. It is very important that we seek partnerships to achieve our goals. We do not achieve results through our own efforts alone. A company has many relationships: employees, supplier contacts, customer contacts, etc. Functional cooperation is therefore important in order to keep these relationships healthy.

Being a company that offers safety comes with great responsibility. The events of recent years and the last few months, with the coronavirus being the biggest, have affected us all. Right now, we have an unstable market. The word ‘safety’ and everything that comes with it will characterize the world for many years to come and will be given higher priority. Axelent will have a significant role in this. As a company, we can educate and inform our customers around the world so that they, in turn, learn how to make their working environment safe. 

The coming years may be difficult. It is, therefore, important that we work through the challenges ahead and that we remember that challenges present us with new opportunities as a company. The challenges ahead will make us stronger.From experience, companies are more cautious about investing after a major crisis. It will be a while before new machinery is purchased or new housing is built at the pace we have seen in recent years. In a situation like this, I believe that knowledge and relationships are even more important. A product cannot sell itself. It is the company and its employees that sell it. The determining factor in the years ahead will be the way the product is packaged.

I have faith in the future – it is important to take a look ahead. Axelent is a strong and stable company with a wide range of operations and many ongoing projects. Every department is part of this work. The market is always changing, it is therefore important to be prepared for the changes and to be the decisive player that leads the market forward. Axelent’s investments increase the company’s competitiveness. My job now is to get to know each department – to observe, listen and learn. Guided by these keywords, we can keep moving forward and take new steps towards Axelent’s continued development.

I think that the biggest challenges Axelent faces are more stringent environmental requirements, restrictions and any potential new directives from the EU. Axelent’s tremendous knowledge and efficiency will be assets going forward. A big part is about being active and working through these challenges. Through our commitment, we build greater trust. Axelent can become a key player here.  Another challenge that Axelent is already facing is maintaining competence over time. Today, many companies and advocacy groups are competing in the same place, and being an attractive employer provides immediate results. I think that as an employer you need to be active on many different platforms, both in schools and the municipality as well as on social media.

Axelent is a company and a player that will have a presence in most markets going forward. We will be a safety company that looks out for the individual and creates safety for its customers. Our knowledge in the area of safety will be passed from our company to the customer.

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