Safety and routines create efficiency 


Working preventively with safety work creates a secure workplace for employees, which in turn leads to increased job satisfaction and greater efficiency – the working environment and safety go hand in hand! 

Businesses need to make certain investments in their working environment, enabling them to safeguard their production operations and optimise their processes, and this is ultimately related to the profitability of the company. 


Transparent regarding our knowledge 

Our goal is to make our products efficient, flexible and user-friendly. However, we also aim to offer our customer knowledge that makes things easier and provides inspiration, as well as meeting their challenges and needs. There’s no point in us at Axelent just sitting on all this knowledge, rather we want to share it so that everyone can become a professional when it comes to systematic safety work.   
Such important information should be possessed by as many people as possible within the organisation, in order jointly to create the optimum conditions for workplaces around the world. 

Working with systematic safety work – a checklist

  • Systematically and regularly evaluate the risk of all types of incidents
  • Have procedures in place for when something happens
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the procedures and how they should act
  • Training and information

Through expertise, resources and knowledge, you can organise the company’s work procedures. 

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