Green electricity and smart packaging

Axelent is fully focused on contributing to a sustainable society. The company has recently invested in self-produced green electricity and an efficient packaging system in a space-saving as well as environment initiative.

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Taking responsibility and engaging in sustainability issues is now more important than ever. Not least for companies that in many cases account for a large environmental impact. Active and committed environmental work is a matter of course for Axelent. This applies to both internal and external environments and the work is in harmony with national and local environmental goals.

Environmental thinking and the pursuit of long-term sustainable development runs like a golden thread through all the company's business areas. It concerns everything from complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations to increasing recycling, becoming more resource-efficient and limiting pollution.

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The company's largest environmental impact is in a falling scale from production down to transport, business travel and the consumption of electricity and consumables. With regard to production, Axelent always strives to offer the greenest products on the market and to manufacture them in good workplace conditions. In order to avoid unnecessarily long transport stretches, the company chooses, as far as possible, local or neighbouring suppliers. All the products that leave the Hillerstorp plant are 100 per cent recyclable and made using green electricity from our own wind power. Since 2010, Axelent has been a partner in power company E-Kraft, which produces green electricity from wind turbines. Today, Axelent collects its entire electricity demand from these climate-friendly plants. In addition, Axelent has installed an efficient recycling system that uses welding cooling water to heat the premises.

“We wanted to be self-sufficient in electricity and use only renewables. Also, we wanted to protect against future price hikes by self-producing. We began on a small scale in 2012 and are now a partner in five wind turbines, where our share corresponds to our own consumption. Our turbines produce 27,000 MWh and our annual consumption is around 2,200 MWh. We are more than satisfied so far, and the forecasts look bright, both in terms of the environment and results,” says Axelent MD Mats Hilding.

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Another green initiative is the new in-house developed packaging system, X-Pack 2.0, which enables customers to have their products plastic-wrapped on special pallets along with installation instructions. The packages are tailored to the dimensions of the delivery vehicles to cut down on wasted space and the number of deliveries. The goods are easy to unload and move for speedy installation.

“We developed X-Pack 2.0 in order to find a packaging solution that fully utilised loading space, minimised the amount of transport damage and was easy for the customer to unpack. We also wanted the packaging to leave a good impression on reaching the customer. We are very satisfied with X-Pack 2.0. The amount of transport damage is now next to nothing and we have cut our transport costs while giving the customer a much simpler unpacking process,” adds Mats Hilding.

Customer deliveries are mainly carried out by eco-friendly freight companies that operate according to specific environmental goals. When it comes to travel for the company’s employees, work is ongoing compiling a priority list of green options. This could entail choosing green cars ahead of carbon fuelled or replacing air travel with distance meetings using online meetings software. Finally, to reduce consumption and waste, the company is cutting down on the use of paper and is recycling used material. There is also a revised code of conduct in the pipeline, and a sustainability report, due for release in 2019.

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