Axelent is a new sponsor for the world’s largest handball club

Handball is a fast-paced, action-packed sport with quick decisions and powerful throws. Speed, strength, accuracy, precision and stamina are essential for this sport – qualities that have also played a role in shaping Axelent’s success. But Axelent and IK Sävehof have something else in common. The colours yellow and black have also contributed to their success.

Axelent Sponsrar Sävehof (1))


IK Sävehof is the world’s largest handball club with a long history of success at senior Swedish Championship level. The men’s team has won the Swedish Championship five times (most recently in 2012) and the women’s team an impressive 14 times (most recently in 2019). Moreover, both teams have competed successfully on multiple occasions in both the Champions League and the European Cup.

Stefan Axelsson, Export Manager of Axelent AB

“We are looking forward with great pleasure to this exciting collaboration with Sävehof. We are eager to feature on both the women’s and men’s sportswear and the colours couldn’t be more suitable because yellow and black are our logo colours too. It’s going to be very exciting to follow the yellow and black successes in a double sense."

Mats Janson, Marketing Manager at IK Sävehof

“We’re thrilled to welcome Axelent as a new, major partner to our club. What makes it even more special is that Emir Naprelac, our new sales team member, initiated a contact only a few weeks ago, whereupon things moved swiftly. Stefan, Emir and I reached an agreement over lunch at Partille Arena on Wednesday 22nd May.”


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