Axelent Group main sponsor of JU Solar Team

JU Solar Team comprises 17 students from Jönköping University. They’re working on the design and construction of a fully solar-powered car. The car has been named Axelent and will be taking part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2019.

The team from JU will be up against tough competition from other universities around the world. They’ll be competing in a 3022-kilometre-long race, from Darwin in the north of Australia to Adelaide in the south. Several former members of the JU Solar Team are now employees in the Axelent Group. As part of our sponsorship, they will be available as a resource to the team, ready to contribute their experience and expertise in the field.

JU Solar Team Jonkoping University)



The team behind the solar car

JU Solar Team comprises 17 students from different departments at Jönköping University. To allow the team to work as efficiently as possible, it is split into two sub-teams - the construction team and the marketing team. The students in the construction team are responsible for all the practical aspects, including the design, software, electronics and construction of the car. The marketing team supports the engineers by working with sponsors, logistics, events, communications and marketing. Tilma Lundkvist, Brand Manager for the JU Solar Team, is delighted about the sponsorship agreement that has recently been signed with the Axelent Group:

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the Axelent Group is our main sponsor! With its extensive expertise and high engagement, we’re feeling extra confident as we head into the final stages of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.”

Solbil JU Solar Team



Stefan Axelsson, Export Manager at Axelent, about the collaborative relationship:

“Renewable energy is a matter that is close to our hearts. Over the years, Axelent has invested in wind power to match our electricity use. We will be involved throughout the journey, from the planning stage to the competition in Australia. All the members of the team behind the solar car are highly motivated and skilled individuals in their area of expertise. We are delighted to have this opportunity to get to know them and hope that we can continue our collaboration after they have graduated.”


Richard Skogward, MD of Axelent Engineering, sees similarities between his company and the JU Solar Team:

“We usually say that we’re creating reality before it happens. Which is exactly what the JU Solar Team is doing with its solar-powered car. They’re showing the world that the future is already here. It’s no coincidence that several of those who have been members of the Solar Team in the past have gone on to work for us.”

FACTS | World solar challenge

About 3,000 km, from Darwin to Adelaide

13 October to 20 October

About the race
The race event has been attracting students from all over the world for 30 years, challenging them to push the limits of technological innovation. The challenge is to design and build a car that is powered only by the sun. The teams then compete with their cars to be the fastest to cross Australia and its gruelling outback.

You can find out more about the Challenge at

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