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Technical Conference Burgos)




Technical conference in Burgos

An equipment safety technical conference was held on 5th June in Burgos. Co-organising the event with Axelent was Elektra, which specialises in the distribution of electrical equipment, and Pilz, leading automation technology company. The twenty or so attendees were customers from different parts of Burgos’ business community. The day began with a talk by Jesús García, head of Grupo Elektra’s Machinery Safety department, about rules concerning machine safety. Axelent and Pilz demonstrated new products from their ranges, as well as old favourites. Afterwards, the attendees had the opportunity to put their questions to the speakers.

Trade Fair Bilbao




Exhibition in Bilbao

Axelent Spain participated at Subcontratación 2019 in Bilbao in June. Its booth proved popular and attracted lots of visitors. As always, the extensive ranges of protection and safety products were showcased. X-Guard, X-Tray, SafeStore and X-Store were all on display. Axelent also took the opportunity to present the McCue bollards, protection beams and other products. They provide the perfect complement to the rest of the range and enable Axelent to deliver an end-to-end protection and safety solution for industrial and warehouse environments.



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