How to choose, order and assemble X-Tray

There is plenty to consider when choosing a cable tray. Let us guide you to the right cable routing system tailored to your needs and desires and how to order and assemble your X-Tray.

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Cables are needed everywhere, in all the rooms and to all the machines. The idea behind X-Tray cable trays is to manage your cable routing in a smart and well-thought-out way. Cable trays should also be easy to adapt, install and clean, as well as being cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. The X-Tray cable routing system is also quick and easy to install.

X-Tray comes in all shapes and sizes in order to meet the differing needs and desires of our customers. Different customer segments have different needs. In a warehouse or similar, cable trays do not need to be stainless while in the food industry they need to be both stainless and acid-resistant for the sake of hygiene. The range consists of hot dip galvanized, stainless with no after-treatment, acid-resistant that copes with chemicals, black zinc to match a black machine guard or other equipment, and in a blue or blank zinc with a chrome finish.

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Joints are usually the weakest link in a cable tray. In order to guarantee the best quality on the market our products undergo continuous testing. All trays are tested and certified as regards material, welds, load, identification, EMC, surface treatment, vibrations and fire. Tests include the E90 fire test, IEC 61537 and equipotential bonding. Axelent is also a member of EHEDG, a European non-governmental organisation aimed at promoting hygienic design and food technology to ensure safe consumer products.

X-Tray cable trays are flexible and can be built around ventilation and other systems, making it easy to adapt to your premises. It can also be aesthetically adapted. If, for example, you already have an X-Guard machine guard, X-Tray can be easily adapted to suit. A smart and elegant solution that requires no special tools. Axelent’s team wil gladly help you with adaptations and solutions tailored to your business needs. Future needs is another important thing to consider when choosing cable trays. 

The length and strength of the trays determines the number of fixings, brackets and centre holes. This in combination with a long service life and easy cleaning makes your whole project more cost-effective. 

Do your own calculation

Using Axelent’s X-Tray Calculation Tool you can work out the number of cable trays and accessories you need for your project. Fill in the desired surface finish, size, type of fixing and the length of the stretch along which you intend to install cable trays. The tool will help you to add any special angles and connections and with the number of nuts, bolts and fixings, etc.

X-Tray Calculation Tool

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