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Other accessories


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CAD Article Surface Treatment Description  
7100-025 Zinc Plated Conveyor bracket
7100-028 Zinc Plated Bend support, complete kit
7100-050 Zinc Plated Mounting profile 1876
7100-051 Zinc Plated Mounting profile 2060
7100-052 Zinc Plated Cable duct small 95x65x800
7100-054 Zinc Plated Cable duct 19" Horizontal
7100-055 Zinc Plated Cage Nut M6
7100-056 Zinc Plated Flange Nut M6
7100-057 Zinc Plated Torx Screw M6x12
7100-058 Zinc Plated Mounting Profile 2238
7100-078 Zinc Plated Mounting profile ETSI 1876
7100-079 Zinc Plated Mountingprofile ETSI 2060
7100-080 Zinc Plated Adapter ETSI to 19"
7100-088 Zinc Plated Wall bracket sandwich element 330
7100-089 Zinc Plated Wall bracket sandwich element 660
7100-111 Zinc Plated Vertical connector
7100-135 Zinc Plated Flexible joint (1 kit=2 pcs.)
7100-195 Zinc Plated Patch panel
7100-198 Zinc Plated Mounting profile 1473 mm
7100-250 Zinc Plated Cable duct large 120x80x800
7200-179 Hot dip galvanized Tunnel bracket
7200-222 Sendzimir X-Rack Shelf U-Bar 600


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